The Original Body Armor Cooling System  
                                             by JENALEX COMPANY


 VEST COOLER is proudly made in the U.S.A.!!!

Outfit the entire fleet! Install a Vest Cooler in every squad and give each officer their own J Hook and Air Extender! Cost effective and Hygienically sound! Just Call 763-300-5306 and we'll set it up!


The new Air Extender is made of the same durable vinyl as the VEST COOLER. Its both tough and comfortable. It is 12 inches in length and has 8 side ports that spread the air throughout the vest. It simply attaches by inserting the delivery end of the VEST COOLER into the top of the Air Extender. There are no clips or snaps to mess with! Insert the Air Extender into the vest and feel the relief instantly!

The VEST COOLER ZIP will attach to any vent in any vehicle! Keeping up with the ever changing market of police vehicles is tough. Jenalex Company has gone universal with the VEST COOLER to meet those changes. Order your VEST COOLER ZIP today! 

VEST COOLERS are tough! When cops see it that's one of the first things they tell us. They then comment on the superior quality and design. We designed this product to meet the demands of police work. Cops need a product that can stand up to the daily grind on the street. At the end of their shift they can unhook, and stuff the VEST COOLER into a duty bag and head home. Thats why the VEST COOLER ZIP is designed for quick installation and removal from any squad car.

The capture unit is made of a durable vinyl reinforced with steel support rods. The hose is a self retracting, wire reinforced vinyl that can stretch up to 12 feet! Not a fixed hosed that is unforgiving and difficult to store in a duty bag. Finally, the delivery end of the VEST COOLER is designed with your comfort in mind. Its soft flexible vinyl design fits over the top of the body armor so well you can't tell you have it on. All you feel is the A/C going into your vest, where its needed!

The VESTCOOLER design was created by Wilson Wolf Manufacturing in Minneapolis. We owe them special thanks for designing an outstanding product!

Mandatory Vest Policy?... No Problem!

Your body armor is one of most important components of your job. We all know the vest is a pain in the rear when its warm out. So we throw it in the squad or leave it at home where it doesn't do you any good.  With mandated vest policies becoming a reality throughout the country you won't have a any other choice other than to wear your armor. Why take the risk? Do what is right for your loved ones and make sure you go home at the end of your shift! No more sweaty undershirts or grumpy attitudes! Vest Cooler is the answer!!

Tactical Teams:

Think about the long hours that can come with a standoff. Removing your tactical gear and armor may not be an option for extended periods. VEST COOLER can deliver A/C to the interior of your armor in seconds! Not only does it cool and dry the armor, it cools the core of the body. In the northern climates it can also provide heat to the core of the body for those call outs on cold winter nights. Being comfortable allows you to stay focused in critical situations.

K-9 Officer's:

You know what its like after a track or a sniff on a warm day. Your hot and sweaty and its tough to cool down without removing your vest. Now you can simply cool down with VEST COOLER. VEST COOLER can also deliver A/C or heat to anywhere you want inside a vehicle. It truly can be a life saver for your 4 legged partner's. Simply hang the flexible delivery end over the cage or remove it from the self-retracting hose and run the A/C or heat anywhere in the rear seat area.

The VEST COOLER ZIP is easy to use:
1) Simply hook the capture unit to one of the A/C vents in the dash. (Opposite the steering side of the vehicle)
2) Secure it with the cord lock.
3) Turn the control to MAX A/C (closing additional dash vents will increase air flow)
4) Hang the delivery end of the VEST COOLER over the top of the body armor 
and instantly feel relief!
** Using the new Air Extender option drops the air lower in the vest, cooling those hard to reach areas!

** The VEST COOLER does not need to capture 100% of the airflow from the chosen vent. Any escaping airflow is cooling the interior of the vehicle.

       The new 551-ZIP                   Hook the louver                    Secure to the vent             Cool down!!!        The new Air Extender
                                                                                                          Dodge Durango vent                                              

**VEST COOLER should not be worn while the vehicle is in motion. When installing the unit it is the responsibility of the buyer/ user to ensure that the VEST COOLER does not interfere with safety equipment of the vehicle. These items include, but are not limited to: steering wheels, seat belts, or airbags. The buyer, upon purchase and installation, assumes any and all liability and agrees to hold harmless JENALEX COMPANY.

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