The Original Body Armor Cooling System 
 Vest Cooler is proudly made in the U.S.A.!       
Only $51.99  - Never worry about working in the heat again!!  Mandatory vest policy? No problem!

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Mandatory Vest Policy? Outfit the entire department!! Call 763-300-5306 and find out how easy and inexpensive it is to keep everyone comfortable in their vest!!

             *Introducing the Vest Cooler Air Extender! Designed to get that A/C to those hard to reach areas!

*The new design allows greater versatility!!  Simply attach it to the delivery end of the VEST COOLER and insert it into the vest! (see details on our information page)

VEST COOLER attaches to any vent in any vehicle!!

*Designed by cops who know what its like to sweat in body armor.   

*Now you can work in comfort knowing there is relief!! 

KEEP YOUR VEST ON!.... Not in the back seat or the trunk where it does no good!

Outfit the entire fleet! Install a Vest Cooler in every squad and give each officer their own J Hook and Air Extender! Cost effective and Hygienically sound! Just Call 763-300-5306 and we'll set it up!

VEST COOLER was developed for the comfort of the men and women in professions that require the use of body armor. VEST COOLER delivers cool, dry air from a vehicles air conditioning vents to the interior of body armor when worn by law enforcement, special operations personnel, security officials, and military personnel, etc.
The safety of our men and women in uniform is a top priority for any agency. It's a fact that when the temps get warm body armor becomes very uncomfortable. The moment a wearer starts to perspire there is no way to cool or dry the interior of the armor without removing it. Many times the users simply choose not to wear their armor knowing they will be uncomfortable if warm temps are in the forecast. This is critical!. VEST COOLER allows body armor users to wear their vest in any weather with absolute comfort.

Its hard enough dealing with the heat on the street.The intentions of VEST COOLER are to create a safer, healthier, and more comfortable work environment for our brothers and sisters who work in harms way through public safety, national security, and military duty, etc. 

VEST COOLER is not designed to capture 100% of  a vent's airflow. Any escaping air is cooling the interior of the squad car.

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